What just a few of our customers have to say about Acid Check products...

" I can’t live without these great products. I have been taking them for years now…first when it was PH Control , then Acid Zapper and now your Acid Check.


It has given me my life back as I used to suffer in so much pain all the time with a stinging bladder [Interstitial Cystitis]

My 14 year old daughter has also been having similar symptoms too, so I have been giving them to her too which has also helped her a great deal.

Must run in the family!  I’m hoping hers won’t get as bad as mine!  Anyway we are going through so much more now.  As you see the last order we made was only 5 months ago [I have attached this at the bottom of this email for your reference."

Kind regards, 

Alison A.

" I have been using Acid Check for many years, almost from it's beginning. However, my usage is for Lower Urinary Tract Hypersensitivity.  Acid Check  allows me to eat most foods as it changes the PH in my body.  Without it my life would be dramatically limited. I use it daily!! "

Susan S.




"I started taking the Acid Check in March of 2014. I started with 6 caps and then went down to 3 after a couple of months. I had started to have incontinence and thought my system was too acidic. I would leak 1, 2 or 3 times a day for a month or so. I was hoping that taking the Acid Check would help. I have taken it along with homemade sauerkraut and a few times I ate some pickled plum (umemboshi) to counteract the acid. 


It has been a journey because it took a while to get my bladder to behave normally. Some days I would forget to take the acid check. While I am sharing this story about a year later, I can definitely say that I got results rather quickly.  After a month or so of having daily leakage, I would leak every few days or every other day for a while, until I leaked less and less often. I seldom have any problem any more. I do believe my incontinence has ceased. It was easy for me to take the acid check, and I am very grateful to have this product. If I should eat off and become acidic, I know what to do to get my body back in balance. Incontinence can be embarrassing and it is a relief to know that Acid Check can take care of such an issue. I highly recommend this product to anyone with any kind of acidic problem. "


Thank you very much, 


" I was introduced to Acid Check by a good friend, Wayne Stetina several years and have been pleased every since and noticed continued performance benefits.  The product has helped me when at least six California state master's championships, competing in time trials, track, road and cyclocross events.  The only drawback of the product that has reduced my use is the cost.  Great product with real results! "

Troy G.

" I've been taking Acid Check for almost twenty years (although it sometimes had other names) - this has been helping me to feel my best for all this time.  It was suggested that I take this by someone who had studied the benefits of balancing the PH in the body.  I hadn't realized the damage that can happen when PH isn't in balance. "


" Riding short and long distances in the hot and humid environment of St Louis I have found Acid Check to be incredibly effective in the preventing cramps.  I was introduced to this product several years ago by another long distance rider and now recommend it to other riders as well. "

Dr. William M.

"I have been using acid check for over a decade back in the day when it was called Acid Zapper. I was just starting to get into the endurance/multi sport world and had a challenge with heavy legs and feeling slow with recovery. I searched endlessly for products and tried them all. No real immediate increase in performance or decent recovery. I came across Acid Zapper and within about 10 days I noticed my legs would be firing on all cylinders and when doing heavy intensity or double workouts on a weekend I felt great. The bottom line is in the endurance world the legs carry us from start to finish and using Acid Zapper the lactic acid was gone and I mean literally gone.


I started using the product at 35 yrs young and now at 50 still use it when doing my workouts. I have raced over 75 endurance races with many podium and top 10 finishes. In addition, I was the USAT certified level 1 coach helping athletes make that next step and was head coach at Sonoma State University for over 6 years. I have been around long enough to know hype from fact. The fact is Acid Check is the best product on the market and I can tell you from an unbiased and honest position Acid Check has been right beside me for the last 15 years."


Paul M

"My Acid check story.


My boyfriend and I decided to do back-to-back hikes at Glacier National Park. While we had “trained” somewhat (not enough) I worried about soreness. So, we tried the Acid Check and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t muscle sore…just “tired sore” which is SO different. We could easily do the next hike, which was the high elevation Ptarmigan Tunnel trail. I’ve used it ever since for heavy workouts. I feel a little like I’m cheating, since I don’t have the soreness I should have."

 Shannon P

" I have interstitial cystitis which is a chronic disease/condition of the bladder.  When I was first diagnosed many years ago I tried prescription medication, a different brand of over the counter pill that was supposed to change the ph factor of the bladder, and strict dietary changes.  Over the next few years I eliminated both the prescription medication and the over the counter product that was supposed to balance my ph levels.  I searched and found Acid Check instead of those two medications and have been successfully managing my IC.  I could not have done this without Acid Check.  I would definitely recommend this product for those who have IC.  It is not a cure.  But is very helpful combined with the dietary changes which eliminate acid from ones diet. "

Bonnie O

"My wife and I have been using it for years - we once ran out for a two week period and definitely noticed that we were much more sore when we couldn't use it. We're sold on this
product. She rows and weight trains, I do endurance events."

Elliot B.

"Acid Check,

I'm a cyclist and I started using Acid Check 4 years ago. I was referred by an Olympic champion John Howard to this product.
I've been using Acid Check faithfully ever sense. I feel it helps with recovery and reduces acid build up.
Acid Check is a great product and I recommend it to other athletes."
Troy H


"Dear Acid Check,

I have been using acid check for probably 8 years. I have a bladder pain syndrome that has left doctors stumped. I have had about 20 different treatments over the last 13 years that have been pretty much unsuccessful. When I tried acid check it made a huge difference in my pain level and has increased the variety of foods I am able to eat. My diet is extremely limited. The acid check has reduced the acidity in the foods making things much less painful. I used to use Prelief but once I started with the Acid Check it worked two to three times better than Prelief. I use the granules and the pills with every meal. I have always had a fear that for some reason they would stop making Acid Check. I don't know what I would do without it. People say that all the time but I literally don't know what I would do without it. I have always had good service when I order. I always receive it in 2 to 3 days after I order. I will say that it seems quite expensive but I normally try to get it when there is a sale which is quite often. I would highly recommend Acid Check anyone to try it who is experiences any type of bladder pain chronically."
Melissa W

"I love strong coffee, and strong espresso's.  But that doesn't mean my body always likes it.  I used to suffer from an acid stomach and would have to take an antacid for relief.  I thought I was going to have to give up my coffee habit.


Then I discovered Acid check granules.  I just sprinkle some in my coffee before I drink it, and no more acid stomach.  It even works with tomato dishes like pasta marinara. "

Kay S

"I am Richard S. I have been suffering from Gout for the past 5 years. The medication the Doctor prescribes has so many side effects, I looked for an alternate remedy. I started taking Acid Check about a year ago and have not suffered from gout since."

"What a wonderful product!! When I was first diagnosed with a bladder problem, I was told to use another product which did not work for me at all. I was not able to enjoy my glass of orange juice. My bladder problem prevents me from eating acidic foods. I joined an online group of people with the same problem. One of the members of this group told me about Acid Check, which was called something else back then. This was many years ago. It is the same product. I immediately ordered a bottle of the crystals to pour into my orange juice. It worked!! I was very happy. Over the years, I learned that I can use it in many foods such as spaghetti, soup, and chili. It has been a great find for me. Thank you so much for making it."                                                                                                       

Joan W.


"Both of us are cancer survivors. Mine is a locally aggressive cancer, which means it tends to grow back. Cancer flourishes in an acidic environment. Though we eat mostly an alkaline diet, Acid Check helps make sure we stay alkaline. On the lighter side, acid indigestion from our occasional indiscretions is far less with Acid Check."

Pam H.