Science-Based Daily Formula

ACID CHECK is a unique slow release formula that reduces:

• The burn from lactic and other acids in hard working muscles*
• Cardio-respiratory stress during activities*
• Muscle cramping during exercise*
• Next day soreness from strenuous workouts or activities*
• Sports induced acidosis in blood, cells & tissues that

  contributes to inflammation, muscle wasting, calcium &

  magnesium loss for bones.* 

Max Strength-01.png
Acid Check Caplets
with Alka-Myte

Our maximum strength caplets

for powerful body acid reduction. 

Combat sports induced body

acidosis with this 100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula.

Acid Check Granules
with Alka-Myte

Food & Beverage Acid Reducer Granules
Reduces strong organic acids in

foods, beverages and sports drinks

by up to 90%. 100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula.  

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