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Acid Check caplets are currently out of stock.  However, Acid Check granules are in stock and available. 

We will announce when caplets are available again. Sorry for any inconvenience!



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Acid Check Reviews & Testimonials

 Hear what top Athletes have to say about their experiences with Acid Check products:


 wayne stetina

Wayne Stetina – Hall of Fame cyclist & long term user and advocate of Alka-Myte® / Acid Check® products. 

"Just recovering less than 7 weeks after a freak crash & complete Ti / Ceramic hip replacement. Starting 4 weeks I did 10 days on an indoor trainer & then 5 days outdoors. At that point I was back up to 40 mile rides @ 16-17 mph ave speed including 2-3000 feet of climbing. After relying on Acid Check for the last 8 years, it has been an indispensable part of my quick recovery for complete solid bone healing around the implants in my femur & pelvis."



John Howard

John Howard - Olympic Cyclist, Land speed record holder:

"I have trusted my gut feelings to guide my training from the first day I decided to be an athlete some 48 years ago. I feel my investment in nutritional supplements is being safeguarded and bolstered by the inclusion of Acid Check. Not only is my training performance consistent, but I have plenty of reason to believe that my immune system is also on high alert during the cold and flu season."


John had this to say about a recent event: (6/17/2013)

"Just wanted to update you on my racing success.  I won the Quick and Dirty Mountain Bike six race series last week at Lake Hodges in San Diego in the 45+ age cat.  Acid Check was very much at part of this win."




Glenn Bruemmer – Elite Cyclist, Ironman, and Multisport athlete & Long term user and advocate of Alka-Myte® / Acid Check® products:

"I have been using Acid Check granules and tablets daily for over 5 years now. During Half or Full Ironmans they have made a big difference in reducing my cramps and allowing me to finish strong. I use the AC granules in my morning coffee and sports drinks to make them less acidic on my system. I never forget to take them!"

Glen also had this to say of a recent event: (7/01/2013)

"At 50 had one of my best ironmans in years at Coeur d'Alene, I believe the new granules formula allowed me to dial in my nutrition more accurately while on the bike allowing me to sustain legs for the run. Cramped once and worked it out but in many races in past I was wasted on the run. Glen Bruemmer"



Ajili Hodari – College Football Mich. State, uses weight training for primary Health and Wellness maintenance & long term user and advocate of Alka-Myte® / Acid Check® products.

“I've been training with the Acid Check® caplets for many years now and there's no question that this supplement has been a tremendous boost to my health and fitness program. It not only aids in increasing my reps and weight load capacity, but also helps to significantly delay the onset of muscle burn, while assisting in a more rapid recovery time once muscle fatigue is achieved.”



John Bowen Snowboarder, Surfer 

"I've lived in the mountains avidly snowboarding and hiking throughout the winters for the past 15 years. I've found Acid Check caplets increase my endurance, help eliminate muscle burn, and speed up my recovery time after long fun days on the hill. Acid check allows me to maximize my fun on the mountain and still have energy left to get things done at the end of the day.
For me Surfing means long drives, often short on sleep, cold water, and long tough paddles to get waves. Thanks to Acid Check caplets I feel ready to go after the long drive and free to enjoy my time surfing without the distraction of muscle burn. Acid Check caplets allow me to surf longer with less fatigue and recover faster with less aches and pains. It's good stuff!"

JohnBhalfpipe    jbowen surf




Anna Clark -DC Tribabes
"I am a 40yr. old female that has been competing in triathlons for over 8 years and have finished over 30 races. Two years ago a fellow cyclist recommended that I try Acid Check after hitting a plateau in my training regimen.
I researched it, and the concept and benefit of Acid check seemed fairly straightforward and simple. I decided to give it a try and could not believe the profound difference it made in my training in all aspects, especially during and after my intense training workouts! 
Training in multisports can be very challenging but I found by using Acid Check, I could bike, swim, and run longer and harder than I could before.
I was not experiencing the muscle fatigue and cramping, or the delayed onset of muscle soreness post workout that I had before taking Acid Check.
Over the past two years of taking Acid Check, I have been a true advocate to my fellow triathletes in promoting my success after taking this amazing product.
I have finished races in the top of my age group, with a first place win last year!  I have also formed a local female triathlon training team called the, "DC Tribabes". We support and encourage female triathletes to train smarter not harder!  We certainly know that Acid Check plays a huge role in that aspect.
We greatly appreciate the sponsorship that Acid Check has given our team in training - I truly believe Acid Check has made a huge difference with our training. I know if you try it, it will make a difference in yours!"

Ryan Olson - Dad, a Beachbody Coach, and a Triathlete.

"On January 31, 2013, I started taking Acid Check caplets every morning and granules during my workouts every day. Within the first 4 days I started to notice an increase in my performance in swimming, cycling, and running across the board and am consistently getting faster in all three disciplines every time I train and race.

I am one of those guys that go out hard every workout. I have never known how to dial it down. Training ride? Sounds good at the time, but I always end up dialing it up a notch until I am pushing as hard as possible. You see I firmly believe that people race how they train. So I am going to train like it’s a race as often as possible. Whether this is a good or bad way to get results, all I know is that I just feel like my body has been able to push harder for longer intervals since I have been using Acid Check.

I don’t really even notice that I am turning out these faster times when they are happening! Don’t get me wrong! I love going fast and ultimately that is my goal in racing, but what I love the most about Acid Check granules specifically is that when I am drinking it during my workout, I don’t get that sloshing feeling in my stomach. It’s like the water is going straight through my stomach and getting to where it needs to be to hydrate me quickly! Going fast and being comfortable doing it is what makes me a believer in Acid Check!"

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bike guy
Bill Humphreys - Past USA National Team Road Coach, current President of Bike Guy LLC, and author of "The Jersey Project".
 “Now in my 42nd year of riding a bike, I have not missed a day of taking my Acid Check in over 6 years. Recovery at my age is more important than ever and with Acid Check in my system, I am not overwhelmed with sore muscles, after some hard days on the bike combined with my job as a truck driver where I also have to depend on good recovery.”

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