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Posted by on in Acid Check Articles

Hello Acid Check fan!


  Over the past year or so, we have been busy working with a host of athletes, trainers and coaches to continue spreading the word about Acid Check and create awareness for the incredible benefits to your health and fitness by maintaining a healthy alkaline PH in your body.  Using Acid Check has been the real keystone for our partners and athletes that has enabled them to maintain an alkalinity in their body that they would not be able to achieve otherwise.  The caplets are used for daily systemic alkalization, and the granules for supplemental body acid buffering during workouts and racing.  So far, the results have been awesome!

  One of the cyclists we've been working with is Selene Yeager.  She is a blogger/cyclist/author and is very active as a cyclocross and mountain bike racer.  She has authored, co-authored or contributed to over two dozen books and is a regular contributor to many national magazines.  Her blog is on the website...if you hadn't read it before, now is your chance!  

  Her blogs are fun and very informative and she has also published a number of books on training smart, eating right and cycling in general.  Her latest book "Get Fast! A Complete Guide To Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride" is great and features a section that highlights her use of Acid Check.  Check it out!

  The next few posts will be more updates on what we've been working on recently.  From individual athlete profiles to teams and events.  

So keep checking back, more to come!





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Review:  "Lactic Acid, Its Fuel" and "Burn Baby Burn" Articles

Robert Burns, Ph.D.,
President, TAMER Laboratories

Gina Kolata's May 16, 2006 New York Times article "Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel", gives some very valid and important insights into athletic performance and exercise metabolism. Dr. George Brooks proved after developing a much more complex metabolic model that lactic acid is an energy source for the muscles (as well as the kidney, heart and brain as was previously known). Prior to Dr Brooks study lactic acid had been identified as the "limiting factor" in intense muscle contraction causing the "burn" experienced when pushing the limits of conditioning. But, lactic acid is not the problem; it is a "marker" for acid generation in the active muscle. For every molecule of lactic acid formed during exercise, excess hydrogen ions (protons) are created thereby increasing the acidity within the muscle cell. If these protons are not addressed, the pH in the muscle region is decreased to the point that it creates a "burn" and slows down energy metabolism in working muscles.

Acid Check helps buffer the acid so that you can go further before that pain is an issue. It is analogous to complex carbohydrate loading (i.e.; pasta, rice, beans, or lentils) about 3 to 4 hours before the race to give you stored fuel in the form of muscle and liver glycogen. With the Alka-Plex based Acid Check  you can accumulate the buffering over days, not hours, and have alkaline compounds available when the sport induced acid load occurs. Research shows that people eating Western diets and under stress are operating at the lower end of the acceptable pH range.

Lactate levels measured during a pilot study by Dr Emily Cooper at Seattle Performance Medicine were reduced after utilizing our product. During a ride to exhaustion at the anaerobic threshold, the average lactate level was 8.2 mMol/l before taking our supplement; 5.6 mMol/l, after. Thus, the use of Acid Check gave a 32% reduction in blood lactate levels indicating the body was better processing the lactate fuel during intense exercise. In addition, the average time to exhaustion was increased by 52%. Increasing the time to exhaustion by 52% was the big payoff and the test subjects reported that muscle burn was not an issue. They reported "more gain with less pain".

Ed Eyestone's article "Burn baby Burn, Learn to Train at Your Lactate Threshold, and You'll Race Faster," on has good routines for exercise induced elevation of the anaerobic threshold. Muscular fitness can be improved rapidly by doing workouts at the threshold for longer and longer times. He cites that "When your lactic threshold exceeds your body's ability to deal with it, you're in trouble: blood lactate dramatically increases, energy production and muscle contraction decreases, fatigue ensues, and performance drops." As you train, you process the acid and fuel more efficiently and improve in performance.

We believe that Acid Check reduces the lactate levels by neutralizing the excess proton production thus allowing the lactate to be used as fuel to significantly improve time to exhaustion. Using Acid Check with Mr. Eyestone's routines should accelerate improvement and greatly reduce the "burn".

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Posted by on in Acid Check Articles

A new class of sports supplements, slow release mineral alkalizers, offer a safe, effective, and healthy path to peak performance.

By Dr. Robert W. Burns

Acid Check™ with Alka-Myte® and Magnesium, is a cutting-edge mineral alkalization sport supplement that helps serious athletes maintain proper pH balance, improve performance and speed recovery time. "Acid Check represents a new sports supplement category," says Dr. Robert Burns, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Advisor. "In fact, though it's in a new class, Acid Check is complimentary to most sports supplements currently available."

Dr. Burns explains that Acid Check utilizes a new category in addition to the six major categories of sports supplements that athletes currently have to choose: 1) Products that provide fuel/energy via carbohydrates, proteins and fats; 2) Products that replace electrolytes and trace minerals, which are necessary for sustained exercise, especially in warm weather; 3) Antioxidants that reduce or eliminate the free radical attack of body tissue, 4) Products, such as creatine, which replace amino acids to help build and repair muscles; 5) Legal stimulants, which are often caffeine-based and may provide short-term bursts of energy; and 6) Steroids and other anabolic agents, which are used to rapidly build strength but are either illegal or banned in most sports and represent various, often severe, health risks.

"Alkalizing agents are a seventh, new, supplement category," says Dr. Burns. "Specifically, mineral alkalization supplements, such as Acid Check, which help the body neutralize the acidic wastes generated by athletic activities." According to Dr. Burns, "Alkalizing agents are greatly under utilized by athletes, and much of what's available isn't effective for sustained pH management in athletes. That's where Acid Check is truly a breakthrough supplement. It's a mineral alkalization supplement that buffers tissue body fluid pH and is much more effective and healthful than other inorganic and organic alkalization substances due to its slow release in the intestinal tract."

Proper pH balance is key to good health and essential for athletic performance and recovery. As the exercising body metabolizes fuel it creates acid wastes and hydrogen ions build up in muscles. To sustain a healthy blood pH balance and prevent hydrogen ion buildup, acid wastes must be removed from the body or neutralized. When, because of diet, prolonged aerobic exercise, and/or aging, the body exceeds its natural ability to flush out or neutralize acid wastes, acid buildup –or acidosis – occurs. Endurance athletes have to be particularly concerned with maintaining healthy pH balance because they regularly place themselves under physical and dietary stresses that lead to performance-compromising pH imbalances, most commonly acidosis.

"Whatever your age or level of athletic intensity, healthy pH balance can mean the difference between greater athletic achievement and being brought up short by acid-related problems." says Dr. Burns. "Acid Check helps athletes maintain that essential pH balance. We believe it's the most effective alkalizing agent available today especially with its balance calcium to magnesium ratio of 2.7. We're hearing from champion endurance athletes and coaches who, as early adopters, are achieving extraordinary results using Acid Check. These results include eliminating or minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness [DOMS], faster recovery times, and greater performance. The response to date has been truly remarkable."

Acid Check is safe and legal, containing no steroids, stimulants, caffeine or sugars. All Acid Check ingredients are allowed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. For more product information or details about the Acid Check pilot test conducted at Seattle Performance Medicine in January 2006, visit or call 1-888-486-2135. 

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I have trusted my gut feelings to guide my training from the first day I decided to be an athlete some 48 years ago.  I feel my investment in nutritional supplements is being safeguarded and bolstered by the inclusion of Acid Check.  Not only is my training performance consistent, but I have plenty of reason to believe that my immune system is also on high alert during the cold and flu season.        

John Howard

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Posted by on in Acid Check Articles

Hello all,

I think we should start at the, and health.  What do we do in sport that makes it different than everything else we do on a day to day basis?  The short answer is, we push.  And we push hard.  If you are running, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, cross country skiing...we are always pushing harder to go faster, climb higher, or win.  This means taking our bodies to their maximum ability.  What is it that we are pushing?  Our limits.

Our limits are our barriers to progress.  Limits are the parameters that are dictated to us moment to moment by our minds and bodies.  These, of course, change.  We train to become stronger, we break it down to build it back up better than before.  We eat right, lose weight, go to bed early, all in an effort to give ourselves the best chance possible to become as strong as possible.

Not enough food, you bonk and the race is lost.  Not enough hydration, you cramp and loose again.  Building and fueling our bodies has become a true science, and a lot of us have become masters at understanding which fuels work and which ones don't.  Oatmeal and bananas instead of pizza and cheese burgers.  But what if there was another aspect of our metabolism that has been over looked?  Your ph health IS that aspect of your metabolism that could very well be being neglected by your current training regime.

When you push hard, it good.  But that pain and burn and dehydration are all greatly affected by your body's ph balance.  When you are exerting yourself, your body's metabolism goes into overdrive.  The waste products in the cell (where energy production takes place) are acidic.  Your body will keep you alkaline by whatever means necessary, at any cost.  This is good, because it keeps you from pushing yourself into full blown, potentially dangerous, metabolic acidosis.  This sport induced metabolic acidosis or exercise induced metabolic acidosis (EIMA) is greatly controlled by making you feel pain, causing you to back off...slow down...quit.  The more fit we become, the farther we can push where that limit is, but the limit is stubborn, and never goes away completely.  I think back to an old quote by Greg LeMond "it never hurts any less, you just go faster".  Too true.

By making your body more alkaline, you can ride harder, go farther and climb higher because you are giving your body's own ph balancing mechanism a head start.  This translates to less burn and more time to fatigue given the same effort...which gives you better performance.

This article is meant to whet your palate for what is to come in this blog.  I'd like to continue to make available the discoveries we are making and the successes our riders and athletes are having.  I hope that you will come to see that by incorporating an awareness of ph health into your training you will be able to achieve a new level of strength and health and push your workouts and competition to new levels!  

Until next time, 



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Posted by on in Acid Check Articles

Hello and Welcome!

This is just a quick introduction to our new blog.  We are a small group of guys bringing a HUGE product to the world, and if you are reading this, you are in the right place at the right time!  We are making a brand new, cutting edge, nutritional and sport supplement that is designed to create true ph health.  

There are a lot of products on the market that make all sorts of claims but Acid Check is unique.  We have a patented process that enables us to maintain the alkaline integrity of the hydroxides in our product throughout manufacturing, packaging, storage and consumption!  Yes, the alkalinity is maintained through the stomach and is not released until it reaches the intestine.  This has a powerful alkalizing effect in the body tissue that other supplements, foods and waters just can't match.

But please don't just take my word for it, try Acid Check.  If you are an athlete, you have nothing to lose but some old person best times!

In the coming days and weeks I will be posting about a wide range of topics.  I hope this will be informative, interesting and useful to everyone.  I will be focusing a lot at the beginning on cycling (this is where my passion is) and some of the athletes and teams that we work with.  The UCLA cycling team and Team Rwanda are two of the teams that I will try to highlight this month.

If there is any aspect of ph health you'd like to see addressed, please don't hesitate to let us know, we are here for you after all!

Thank you so much for reading the first official blog post of the Acid Check website!  

More to come!



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