Acid Check Athletic Acid Reducing Caplets

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Acid Check caplets are currently in low supply.

We expect to be fully re-stocked by late January.


In the meantime, please e-mail us at 

if you wish to place an order.


We do have Acid Check granules in full supply.


Thank you!

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Food & Beverage Acid Reducer Granules - 2oz & 6oz
Acid Check food and beverage acid reducing granulesReduces acids in foods, beverages and sports drinks. 100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula. 2 sizes -2oz & 6oz.


Sports Formula Body Acid Reducer -1000mg Caplets
Acid Check Sports Formula CapletsReduces an athlete's body acid and helps combat sports induced body acidosis. 100% alkaline mineral food ingredient formula. 3 sizes.


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